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Protect resources and data (user data and system) against fraud and theft. As well as detecting threats that will be entered into the computer system.


Currently the system’s infrastructure is an important part of the company’s business activities and technology. we are ready to assist in creating the necessary infrastructure solutions in the development of the business world

Hardware & Software licensing

Interest Our company provides high technology and information systems integration services as well as allowing you to have absolute control over where your software

About Us

PT . Global Media Utama Teknologi, is known as GUT. there to help create and maximize information technology solutions that our clients have. Supported by consultants and technical support personnel are experienced and competent in their field. we became business partners on solutions for IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions (Hardware, Software, and professional services). which is not only the product itself but also assist clients in creating and maximizing information technology solutions.

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Solution We Offer

Anti Virus

A complete security solution, designed by the world’s leading security experts. provide protection against computer and an efficient performance


We can help control the company’s computer network traffic and prevention of tissue that are considered unsafe

System Center

Improve your operation with System Center solutions that facilitate the monitoring, automation, and the provision of software-defined datacenter


Creating a more complex business needs. the ease and speed in presenting information


creating a ‘multiplier effect’ on the server, storage, network, client, and management with the most comprehensive portfolio of virtualization in the industry.

Active Directory

store network configuration either user, group, computer, hardware, and various security policies in a centralized database.

Data Center

used to put computer systems and their components, this system includes the system of communication and data storage

Email Security

Prevent your mail system from threats delivery system. Filtering spam and malware that can clog a network and affect users.